First Flush Theefestival

First Flush Theefestival  |  7 april 2019  |  11.00 - 18.00 UUR  |   HUTTEWEG 24, 7071 bv ulft


Welcome to Darjeeling Tea Leaves!

“Darjeeling Tea Leaves” is an innovative enterprise located in the famous tea growing region of Darjeeling, India. This is the best place to buy your Tea online and we export tea to connoisseurs and buyers from all around the world. Our teas are pure and single estate teas directly sourced from the best rated tea gardens of Darjeeling.

Why buy from Darjeeling Tea Leaves

Our assortment includes the finest range of 1st flush (spring) & 2d flush (summer), Monsoon & Autumn season teas. We offer a selective range of black tea, green tea, oolong tea, white teas (Silver Needles, Moonlight, White Peony - Bai Mudan), a wide range of blended (Earl Grey), scented (Jasmine, Rose) and flavored teas (masala chai, mix fruit, lemon green, mint and etc.), as well as organic and handcrafted teas.

Quality control and certifications
Our teas are carefully selected by experts and our experienced tea tasters are continually selecting the finest teas from most of the prized Darjeeling tea estates, to maintain high quality & also suit to our client’s taste. The teas selected by our company have to pass the stringent quality and tasting standards which have been developed by us to maintain international quality standards. 
As part of our quality control system teas selected and supplied by our company usually carry various certifications viz Rainforest Alliance, UTZ (sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet), Ethical Tea Partnership, Fairtrade, JAS, USDA Organic, India Organic, IMO Control, ISO 9001, HACCP.

Wholesale and Retail
We supply teas to wholesalers, retailers and dedicated clients in India, Western and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia and North America.

The growing demand for Pure Darjeeling tea in Europe, made us establish a “Darjeeling Tea Exports” branch office in Europe, Spain to facilitate easy access for our loyal clients and be more efficient in providing high quality Darjeeling tea.

Our mission is to provide authentic and quality teas from Darjeeling and India.